Desert Parks

Joshua Tree National Park, California - January 2011, April 2011, September 2012, June 2014



Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Arizona - January 2011, March 2013


Saguaro National Park, Arizona - August 2004, June 2005, August 2008, July 2009


Anza-Borrego Desert State Park & Laguna Mountains, California - June 2015, August 2016




The Slot : driving-hiking-aerial, June 2015



The Slot : driving-hiking, August 2016

The Slot : aerial video from two flights, August 2016

Pacific Crest Trail in the Laguna Mountains


Pacific Crest Trail - aerial video, August 2016

Mount San Jacinto State Park, California - May 2015, September 2016

Tami and Chris rode the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway from Palm Springs to the mountain station in June 2015 and spent about an hour at the top.  Chris rode the tramway in September 2016 and hiked to the top of San Jacinto Peak.  The hike is 12 miles roundtrip, with a gain of 2400 feet of altitude one-way after leaving the tram station, topping out at 10,834 feet.  This state park is part of the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument.




Picacho State Recreation Area, CA - May 2015 + Picacho Narrows Slots - September 2016, March 2017

Aerial video - May 2015

The Narrows Slots, on the road to Picacho State Recreation Area - September 2016, March 2017, first slot here, many slots along this wash ...



Picacho Narrows Slots - Head Mount Hiking Video, September 2016


Picacho Narrows Slots - Aerial Video, March 2017


Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area, California, Buttercup Sand Dunes, March 2017

Below are photos and videos from visits to the Buttercup dunes in the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area in California, 15 miles west of Yuma, Arizona.  We visited the dunes on a couple days.  The aerial videos from the plane were shot with a GoPro Hero 3 mounted on my Bluewing flying wing.  The videos from the quadcopters were shot by my friends with their DJI Phantoms.


Flying Wing GoPro Hero 3 Buttercup Sand Dunes Aerial Video, 13 & 14 March 2017

Andrew's DJI Phantom 3 Buttercup Sand Dunes Aerial Video, 13 March 2017

Brandon's DJI Phantom 4 Buttercup Sand Dunes Aerial Video, 14 March 2017


Brandon's DJI Phantom 4 Buttercup Sand Dunes Photos, 14 March 2017

Senator Wash Reservoir Recreation Area, California, Senator Wash Slot Canyons, Ferguson Lake - many visits 2015-present


Ferguson Lake and Martinez Lake, 07 February 2015


Senator Wash Slot Canyon Aerial Video, 07 June 2015


Ferguson Lake Aerial Video, 07 June 2015


Senator Wash Slot Canyon Aerial Video (FPV), 15 August 2016


Ferguson Lake Aerial Video, 15 August 2016


Senator Wash Slot Canyon + Ferguson Lake Aerial Video, 07 March 2017