Flying Wings

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Klingberg Wing x 2 : Built from Klingberg plans blown up twice. This is my most noticed plane. It has flown at two AMA open houses and in five states. The drag rudders for the UAV project were tested on this aircraft.  Four meter pure flying wing (no vertical surface). This flying wing has flown literally hundreds of times since 1991, powered by an OS 61 in a tractor configuration.  In March 2007, I converted it to electric power with a pusher configuration. I refurbished the wing center section, cleaned it, and smoothed off the nose where the engine had been. The nose retract was moved forward to a new firewall and the batteries fit into compartments next to the nose gear to balance out the rear-mounted motor. Two 3S 3000 lipo packs in series keep it airborne for 20 minutes with ease.  I later moved the electric motor to the nose, and was able to remove 3 pounds of lead from the nose. 11 pounds total weight.  I eventually converted it back to be powered by an OS 61 SF engine. Mechanical retracts, Seven channels [elevons(2), throttle(1), mechanical retracts(1), nose steering(1), split-opening drag rudders(2)] FLOWN

Sorta-Scale Northrop N9M Flying Wing : Built from my own plans, it has the same general planform as the N9M. It was built as a proof of concept airframe for my UAV project.  The final aircraft uses this same planform and airfoil. 2.5 meter wingspan.   Originallly powered by brushed speed 400 motor, converted to OS 46 SF. Five channels [ elevons(2), throttle (1), nose steering(1), retracts(1) ]  FLOWN

I had been flying it for a while, but something happened during its second flight of this particular day.  The plane was rock steady, but as it was moving away it started to pitch down.  I added back elevator and it pulled back up, but continued to pitch over.  I continued to add back elevator as it continued to pitch nose down.  It about 10 seconds I reached full up elevator and I could add no more.  It was almost as if the elevator center point was moving in one direction.  I had complete control over engine and ailerons : during those 10 seconds I had managed to turn the plane around and was aiming for an empty field (as I added up elevator).  I thought I had it made.  Not quite.  It hit the top of the last tree before the field and shredded itself.  There was a cloud of leaves and balsa as it acted as a tree trimmer.  It finally came to rest about 30 feet off the ground.  The battery power was on for the 1.5 hours it took me to go home and get some long poles.  After getting it down and arranging the pieces, the receiver and servos worked fine.   Even the main gear retracts still function fine too.  The elevon servos are centered where they should be.  I don't mind crashes when I learn something, but this is annoying because I have no idea what happened.


These photos show the 11' OS .61 wing, 8' OS 46 wing, and 2-meter Klingberg wings together for comparison.

These photos show the 11' wing, 8' wing, 2 meter wings, and the full 16' UAV wing together.

Klingberg Wing #1 : Built from plans. two meter glider, two channels [ elevons(2 S-33) ]  FLOWN , SOLD

Klingberg Wing #2 : Built from plans. two meter glider/electric, three channels [ elevons(2 S-33), throttle (ESC)] - This glider was converted to electric power with an electronic speed control; see pictures below for the conversion process.  It was later converted back to glider.  FLOWN , SOLD