Autopilot and Navigation Flight with RC Backup
Ground control of the ISOPOD will be done via a WIT2410 RF modem transceiver identical to the airborne unit.
The video signal will be down-converted to a base-band composite signal and captured for display on the laptop by
the PCMCIA video capture card.  This eliminates the need for a separate TV to view airborne video.
Manual control of the aircraft will be done with a JR radio.  The analog stick movements are converted to the
standard JR digital trainer box signal.  This digital signal is converted to the standard PC analog gameport signals,
and finally converted to a USB signal for input to the laptop.
RF Modem Datalink
The datalink will done with Cirronet WIT2410 2.4GHz spread
spectrum wireless industrial transceivers.  These plug into the serial
ports of the computers at each end of the link and are invisible to the
serial connection.  They transmit at 100mW and frequency hop to any
one of 64 preprogrammed patterns.