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About Chris Good

Chris Good is a down to earth, relatable tech expert and serial entrepreneur. He’s a Cyber Security expert and IT Specialist who partners with CEOs, Executives, Medical Professionals and busy Entrepreneurs to tame their technology problems, minimize risk and use technology to grow their businesses, human-to-human without the geek speak.

Chris has worked with local government agencies and with more than 1,000 businesses across all industries, including companies such as Edward Jones, Nissan, Columbia HCA, Opryland Hotel and various country music artists. Chris has served on the Governors Board of Technology, is active in his Rotary chapter and his community. GSG has been listed in the Inc. 5000 fastest growing private companies for two consecutive years and has been named Best of Business Sumner Business Services for 6 years.

Chris holds a BS in Engineering from The University of Oklahoma. In his spare time he enjoys billiards, fishing and being outdoors with his family.

Chris-Mr. Wonderful

Chris with Kevin O'Leary


Chris on set at CNN Headquarters in Atlanta, GA

Chris-Robert H.

Chris with Robert Herjavec


Chris with George Ross, retired former Attorney for President Donald Trump, discussing lessons on life and business.